Typically Parisian markets

Typically Parisian markets

The Parisian markets are fascinating places for you to seek out in the heart of the city. They represent a strong bond between lovers of good produce and the quality producers who supply them. Do your shopping in one of these markets and you’ll be charmed.


The Marché d'Aligre; a cosmopolitan market

The Marché d'Aligre is one of the most delightful of the Parisian food markets. Situated in the 12th arrondissement, between the Place de la Bastille and the Place de la Nation, it’s an authentic, friendly and lively place with a trendy clientele. This charming covered market hosts fruit and vegetable stalls abundant with the freshest produce, vibrant colours and intoxicatingly tempting scents. It’s also an amazing flea market offering items from all over the world. The place is sheer magic with everything surrounded by cafe terraces in a square noted for its friendly atmosphere.


Organic products at the Marché des Batignolles

The organic Batignolles Market in the 17th arrondissement is the essential place for those who are ecologically and ethically minded to shop. It has an undeniable appeal due to its wide choice of fruits and vegetables offered by some fifty merchants. Gourmet visitors are attracted to the market by an excellent range of food and drink, such as cheeses, jams and natural wines. It provides an opportunity to interact with small producers and sample various foodstuffs.


The Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest market in Paris

Located in the Haut Marais near the Rue de Bretagne and dating from 1615, this may well be the most astonishing market in Paris. Visually beautiful with its extremely colourful stalls, it is also the capital’s most richly diverse market. In addition to the traditional fresh produce, fish, vegetables, flowers and wines, there are specialities from all over the world, with each stall offering tables where you can sit and enjoy the food. It’s a real pleasure to wander in this place full of history and indulge your taste buds!