See Paris from a different perspective by balloon

See Paris from a different perspective by balloon

At any time through the summer, until September, you can enjoy a truly unique view of Paris as seen from the Generali Balloon. It’s a panoramic experience that’s not to be missed, especially as all proceeds go to support the Generali project, which is actively engaged in a policy of sustainable development.

An unusual experience for an unforgettable summer

The Ballon Generali is a tethered helium balloon located in the heart of the Parc André Citroën in the 15th arrondissement, and it’s waiting to lift you high in the air over Paris, so come and enjoy the ride! Up to thirty passengers at a time can be lifted aloft in a gondola suspended beneath this huge inflatable, which rises to a height of 150 metres, allowing a simply stunning view over the capital. Don’t worry, though; the balloon is attached to the ground by a cable controlled by a hydroelectric winch, so it’s all perfectly safe. This great attraction will be available until September 3rd. Situated close to the Hotel de la Paix, the park is open well into the evening, and from 21:00 to 23:00 on Friday and Saturday nights the balloon awaits the whole family for a nocturnal flight to admire the City of Light.

The environmental importance of the Generali Balloon

The goal is not only to give members of the public a unique ride, however; there’s also an important environmental aspect to the Ballon Generali, pertaining to the impact of air pollution on large cities. Effectively an atmospheric observatory, the balloon monitors the air quality over Paris by measuring the amount of particles in the atmosphere using an on-board device called a Light Optimal Aerosol Counter. The balloon’s illumination system then changes to reflect the ambient air pollution via a colour system ranging from green to red. Simply check the colour of the balloon to discover the air quality.