Irresistible Christmas delicacies in Paris

Irresistible Christmas delicacies in Paris

The days are getting shorter, the weather cooler, but whatever the season Paris is still the number one place to visit. Indeed, this is a great time of year to take a break in the capital. The spirit of Christmas begins to make itself felt even before December. Yuletide illuminations, decorations and gourmet treats come to the forefront, reflecting the city’s love for this special season. To add to your pleasure, the team here at the Hotel de la Paix has some recommendations for you regarding that essential element of Christmas fare, the chocolate Yule log.


Magic for your taste buds

Each year in Paris, renowned pastry chefs demonstrate extraordinary creativity guaranteed to satisfy any palate. Gourmands ourselves, we recommend three desserts at affordable prices. If you like elegance, the Bûche de Noël 2015 by Noura will delight you. Snow white, this log is a deliriously delicious concoction of white chocolate and biscuit with almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. Added to this is a subtle pink sorbet and orange blossom. Roasted pistachios give it some crunch and the whole has a distinctively eastern feel, offering a magical Christmas that will transport you into the land of the Thousand and One Nights.


For the true gourmand, it’s two logs or nothing!

Gontran Cherrier, internationally recognised master baker, has crafted two high-flying taste creations. The Bûche Passion is a trip to exotic lands. With an almond cream and mango and apricot compote, plus passionfruit on a shortcrust pastry base, this Yule log throws a wild party for your taste buds.
More traditional, Gontran’s Bûche Façon Profiteroles showcases chocolate delicacy, with a hot chocolate sauce topping gently poured over chocolate fondant and vanilla and mascarpone profiteroles.


Do you prefer a traditional log?

If so, it’s you that Christophe Michalak was thinking of when he created his Mr Kristmas. This round milk chocolate cake detonates a flavour explosion in the mouth. Blackberry tea flavoured biscuit, ripe and crunchy cocoa beans and a dash of sea salt blend on your palate to deliver a completely original taste. Beautifully decorated to look like Santa himself, it provides a unique visual touch for your holiday table.

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