A spectacular Christmas with the Winter Circus

A spectacular Christmas with the Winter Circus

Christmas with your family is sacred! But how can you satisfy young and old alike so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience together? Here’s an idea! When you take them to the Cirque d'hiver Bouglione (Winter Circus) in Paris, you’ll give your loved ones an evening full of thrills, laughter and amazement. Book your tickets and stay at the Hotel de la Paix for the occasion!

Immerse yourself in the magic of Exploit


The best acrobats in the country seem to have gathered together at the Cirque d'hiver this December. They’re accompanied by talented animals, daring trapeze artists and, of course, the most hilarious clowns! What more could you ask from a traditional-style circus presented in an extraordinary and atmospheric venue? This, and more, is what you’ll enjoy in Exploit, the latest show from the renowned Bouglione circus dynasty, which combines emotion and physical performance, poignance and humour, dreams and magic. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch Exploit this winter in Paris. A glance at the faces of your loved ones, wide-eyed and amazed during the show, is worth all the gold in the world!

A comfortable stay at the Hotel de la Paix Paris


For your festive escapade in Paris, please consider your choice of hotel carefully. You need an establishment that is ideally situated, in a quiet family area, with excellent shopping options nearby. The Hotel de la Paix, in the 15th arrondissement, offers you a three-star stay in a typically Parisian and very elegant Haussmann-era building. The spacious rooms are well-appointed, while the communal lounge is decorated with beautiful wood panelling. Every morning, you can start the day by enjoying our healthy gourmet breakfast, which features fresh fruit, delicious pastries, and a variety of drinks. See you soon!